SouthWest Energy has won three concessions to explore for oil and gas in the Jijiga Basin, Ethiopia’s largest proven hydrocarbon-bearing sedimentary basin, covering an area of approximately 350,000 km2 and in the eastern region of Ethiopia bordering Somaliland.

As of 10 February 2012, SWE had completed 100% of its seismic data acquisition programme and completed in-house processing of that data.  Additionally, SWE’s work on the block has included: a geochemical survey; a full tensor gravity survey using technology developed by the United States armed forces; soil testing analysis for the presence of hydrocarbons and the reinterpretation of legacy 2D seismic data.

The sedimentary rock in the Jijiga Basin is 10,000m deep and very similar to oil and gas-rich areas in the Middle East.  SWE’s three Jijiga blocks (9, 9A and 13) cover an area of 29,000 km2, with a possible overall oil volume estimated between 1.5 billion to 3 billion barrels.

A 3-well drilling program is scheduled for 2015/16.

Click here to download Ogaden Basin - Geographical and Seismic Data - Dec 2012