The Gambella Basin is in the south west of Ethiopia, adjacent to the South Sudan border. The Gambella Basin is an extension of South Sudan's prolific Melut Basin where hydrocarbon reserves in excess of 600 million barrels have been discovered.

On 9 January 2012 SouthWest Energy signed a production sharing agreement for the Gambella block, which at 17,000km2 is half the size of Belgium. As part of its agreement with the Ethiopian Government, SWE has committed to a complete re-evaluation of existing data, full tensor gravity & magnetic surveys as well as reprocessing and acquiring of new infill seismic.

SouthWest Energy, in partnership with ARKeX, has successfully completed acquisition, processing and interpretation of 17,906 km’s of FTG, magnetics and Lidar data in the Gambella basin. The survey proved once again the ability of SWE’s team to manage projects that come in on-time and to budget. Good groundwork and precautions also resulted in blemish free security and health and safety reports over the full length of the 136 day project.

The interpretation of the acquired data is now complete and is very promising.

In total 156 structures and 48 lead concepts have been identified from the FTG interpretation. The new 3D inversion work reveals morphology of the basement top and other horizons in great detail and sediment thickness reaching 9km is estimated. In an area such as this with a proven and prolific petroleum system and sufficient sediment thickness, a huge opportunity exists for oil to form and migrate upwards to charge the plethora of identified structures.