• What does SWE do?

    SouthWest Energy is an oil exploration company. Read More

  • Is SWE an Ethiopian company?

    Yes, SWE's largest shareholder is the family trust of Ethiopian CEO Tewodros Ashenafi. The company is registered in Hong Kong. Read More

  • Who owns SWE?

    The board, advisory board and management team are all shareholders, along with a number of corporations and private citizens.

  • How old is SWE?

    SWE was founded in 2005. Read more under history 

  • Has SWE found oil?

    No, SWE has not discovered oil yet but all data looks promising and exploratory wells are scheduled to be drilled in 2016-2017.

  • How much oil does SWE plan to find?

    To date there are estimates of many billions of barrels across our various blocks.

  • In which areas do SWE operate?

    All of SWE’s operations are in Ethiopia. Seismic and Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry surveys have been completed in the Jijiga Basin and a Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry survey has been completed in the Gambella Basin.

  • When will drilling start?

    A 3-well drilling program is scheduled to be completed during the course of 2016-2017.

  • What are the career opportunities within SWE?

    See contact us section.

  • I want to invest, who do I contact?

    See contact us section.