May 31, 2013

For the past few years SouthWest Energy has chosen to direct some of its community development efforts at local schools, improving the learning environment and providing basic equipment and resources to give local children the best possible chance of a getting an education. Gobley school in the Jijiga region (close to SouthWest Energy’s areas of oil exploration), has 84 primary school age children, and we discovered, was in desperate need of repair.

While the main structure of the school was complete, there was no roof, windows or fence. With the help of our construction team, the school’s buildings and plant were brought up to standard including interior painting and installation of fluorescent lighting. The local community and the students, in particular, now have a school that is fully operational and that they can take real pride in.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by members of the SWE management team, the local regional Education Bureau Administrator, and the Gobley School principal and teachers. The formalities included an inspection of the finished school, presentation of an official certificate of completion and distribution of school materials such as basic stationery items and teacher uniforms, to get the students and teachers off to the best possible start.

The Government officials expressed their appreciation for SouthWest Energy’s contribution to the local community, noting that the responsibility for improving the education of the students now rests with the school director, teachers and parents.
SouthWest Energy is pleased to contribute to improving the educational outcomes of the children of the Gobley School. We hope that the children and their families are excited about learning, and proud of their school.

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