July 8, 2013

Increasingly technology is being incorporated into classrooms, both internationally and in Ethiopia. Providing access to computers allows students to learn keyboard and software package skills, which will help students with their higher education or workplace ambitions.

One hundred and thirty computers and accessories including power stabilisers, tables, chairs, projectors and computer covers, were distributed to the schools in mid-June. To make sure that the schools’ teachers were able to instruct their students on the use of the computers, 20 teachers and administrators attended a five day IT training course, that covered basic computer care and maintenance, use of the Microsoft Office Suite of software, use of the internet and how to teach students the IT curriculum.

In July 2013, members of SouthWest Energy’s management team travelled to Gambella to officially hand over the project to the local community. The SouthWest Energy team was accompanied by the Deputy President of the Gambella Region, the Head of the Gambella Education Bureau, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Gambella town and a Ministry of Mines representative on a tour of three of the recipient high schools. At each school speeches were made and commemorative plaques presented.

The donation of the computers will allow Gambella high school students to learn important life skills and make a real difference to way that information is accessed and change to how schoolwork is completed. SouthWest Energy is very proud to be involved in such a worthwhile and transformative project.

To learn more about the project, view here

In this video, a young student decribes her life in Gambella and what this IT project means to her. View here



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